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Nutritional Biofeedback in Lynden....

Determine what vitamins or herbs are best for you (or your "biological preference"), what food sensitivities you may have, and more.  Find balance using your body's electric system or meridians. 

Everyone needs a "personalized wellness plan" because everyone has unique health needs. An appointment with Jan includes a personalized nutritional scan with state of the art biofeedback technology. This service sets Jan apart from other natural health specialists.  It's the client's body that determines it's needs.  This scan  can diminish the confusion of "what  supplements to take" and help decipher what natural therapies are the highest priority toward more vibrant health  and whole body wellness.  Nutritional Biofeedback is now available in Lynden, WA.  

Similar service is available in White Rock B.C.

To learn more about this painless, non-invasive assessment, watch the video below.


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Stress relief, health, and more...

This is an electromagnetic "jump start" toward  de-stressing your body.

Some form of stress is behind all health issues.



Weight, Fatigue, Migraines, Menopause, Reflux, Cholesterol...

"I came to Jan Templeton through my sister-in-law who had gone through her program with incredible results.  She was healthy and feeling better than she ever had.  I was 60 pounds overweight, borderline high cholesterol, lacking energy, chronic migraine headaches with menopausal issues, gastric reflux and constipation problems.  

Jan was an incredible help.  She had an hour long consultation with me about my health issues and we set out on the journey of getting me healthy and losing the weight I needed to.  The first couple of weeks were rough, as I had so many issues and my body was trying to adjust to this new way of eating.  I changed my way of eating, which previously had been going through the fast food drive up several times a week.  My husband and I switched to organic food as much as possible.

I went through this body balancing program 3 times.  I started March 1, 2010.  In 5 weeks I lost 25 pounds and 17.25 inches!  I went through maintenance and then because I had so much weight to lose, I went through the program in June of 2010.  I had lost 7 pounds in between on my own.  In June I lost another 12 pounds and another incredible 19.5 inches!  I have been maintaining now for the past 4 months.  I would like to lose another 15 pounds.  

The health results have also been incredible.  After the second time through the program, the gastric reflux left and I have been able to be off all medicine.  Hot flashes have almost totally disappeared.  Also, the migraine headaches I suffered from monthly for the past 10 years have pretty much gone away.  My doctor was really pleased with my blood work, which showed the cholesterol in the normal range at 187, triglycerides very low at 46, HDL 56.

I could not be happier with the results I have achieved because of Jan Templeton and the program she offers.  Thanks so much for all your help!! It has truly changed my life".
Gail C.


Depression, Obsessive/Compulsive

"When I first came to Jan I had been severely depressed for six months.  Along with the depression came obsessive/compulsive disorder which was so crippling.  I could hardly function.  I had been to several psychiatrists and treated with many medications some of which had serious side effects.  I also saw a neurologist for severe trembling in my hands and fingers which he told me were side effects from medication. Five weeks after being to Jan  I could feel a complete change.  It’s been six months now and my life is changed.  No more trembling hands and life is great once again".
MB - Registered Nurse​


Osteoporosis, Hot Flashes, Fatigue

"I am a 56 year old nurse, farmer, wife, mother, and grandma.  I came to Jan with a diagnosis of osteoporosis after my back had broken.  I was also dealing with frequent hot flashes, mental fatigue, and low energy.   Within 2 weeks of my initial visit, my hot flashes were virtually gone.  I am continuing to get my energy back with homeopathy and whole food supplements. I’m also rebuilding the density and strength of my bones.   What a gift!  God bless you Jan.        P.S. My husband went to Jan looking for help for  abdominal pain and digestive problems.  He also had no energy.  Now the pain is gone and  his energy is back….and he says, “ it sure feels good to feel good again!”

 Recovering Drug Addict

"I am a recovering drug addict. For the past 10 years I've been battling my addiction to painkillers and benzodiazepines. I came to see Jan because I was having severe anxiety plus not sleeping or eating. I was very skeptical on seeing her but a very close friend pursued me into going and it changed my life forever. She helped me get my mind and body back into balance. I no longer have the severe anxiety I once had plus I'm sleeping much better now. I didn't think a biofeedback specialist /nutritional consultant would be able to help at all I believed by going to a dr. and getting pills was the only answer. I'm so grateful to have meet Jan and I finally feel like me again. Thank you so much".
Rob A