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Business staging / feng shui


Re brand-improve professional image 
Revitalize the exterior and interior of your office or business to attract more customers or clients
Rearrange to maximize efficiency
Increase potential sales, profits, and company value


Day Spa Owner:

Not only does Jan Templeton offer Nutritional Biofeedback but she recently gave the Spa a fresh look using her Business staging and Feng Shui skills. She did an exceptional job. Through the process we decided we wanted an inviting, calm, and peaceful atmosphere and she was able to transform the space into exactly that. Jan does Home and Business Staging and I would highly recommend her.

Business Office:

We desperately needed our office to look  professional and be efficient.  Jan assisted us in organizing items we had and purchasing necessary office furniture.  She helped us better define our image in the process. It now looks so professional and flows so efficiently.
 We couldn't be more pleased!
Multiple ​Retail Businesses:

​Various retail businesses have made the following comments about Jan's professional and personal skills.  
Jan has a unique skill set qualifying her as an excellent business merchandising consultant.  Jan is not only  an professional organizer and Feng Shui practitioner but has extensive retail management experience and excellent customer service skills. She managed a successful high-end fashion retail store for twenty years.    After years of retail experience,  was hired by Bellingham Technical College to develop the curriculum and teach a fashion merchandising and retail management program.  She opened a student-operated campus clothing store where students had opportunities to apply good business practices. In addition, she developed a partnership with local businesses for a community service opportunity for students to work with businesses to improve their image through merchandising and display.   She consulted with several retail businesses with excellent results.
Jan is a visionary leader who is professional, efficient, enthusiastic, resourceful, and produces quality results. She is both creative and artistic. Jan applies sensitive communication skills, education, professional merchandising, and display expertise to effectively revitalize the interior and exterior of the business to attract more customers, improve image and ultimately increase sales and profits.  She has great communication skills, a high level of energy, extreme focus, and multi- tasking abilities. She is inspirational and is a great motivator. She is a team player, works hard and is very sensitive to businesses needs and desires.  Jan also understands the "magic" behind  combining Feng Shui, professional organizing, merchandising, and display expertise.  She is very knowledgeable in how to create light, spacious, clean, clutter-free, functional environments that have a positive impact on everyone.  The results were excellent,  giving us image improvement and clarity, and excellent in store traffic flow.  This ultimately effected both sales and store security.  All the businesses in our merchant association were very pleased and highly recommend her services. Staging in Lynden



Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of placement; the flow of energy or chi (life force).
The Chinese name Feng Shui means wind  and water.
It is the connection between man, earth (nature), and heaven.  It is the meaningful relationship with one's home or work environment.  If chi (Qi) flows freely and unobstructed into and through one's space, one's life tends to also flow smoothly.  Feng Shui is like acupuncture for a space.  It allows energy to flow.

The intent of Feng Shui is to harmonize the energetics of people, places, and sites.