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· Stage  your home to sell​

· Stage your home to live...declutter & simplify

· Create seasonal changes

· Create an at home spa sanctuary

· Down-size or right-size your entire home; customized to your needs



Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of placement; the flow of energy or chi (life force).
The Chinese name Feng Shui means wind  and water.
It is the connection between man, earth (nature), and heaven.  It is the meaningful relationship with one's home or work environment.  If chi (Qi) flows freely and unobstructed into and through one's space, one's life tends to also flow smoothly.  Feng Shui is like acupuncture for a space.  It allows energy to flow.

The intent of Feng Shui is to harmonize the energetics of people, places, and sites.


Single Woman Downsizing

"Jan Templeton is AMAZING and I would recommend her services to anyone. I was in the process of a move the first time Jan helped me.  She walked in the door with her boundless energy and immediately began to work packing boxes.  Before I could finish my one box, Jan had completely filled and taped everything I had ready (probably 6 or 7 boxes to my one).  Jan’s enthusiasm and willingness to help organize, pack, and clean remained consistent throughout the day.  She even took a couple of loads to Goodwill.  Jan also arranged for a great mover. What would have taken me at least a week was completed in one day.  Jan is a powerhouse and she made the day FUN. Jan then helped me with decorating my much smaller new home.  What items to bring in, which to store and added the unique extra touches that make a home a sanctuary.  Her design suggestions were fabulous and I absolutely love where I live. My second experience with Jan was at my storage unit about a year later.  Everything crammed into a 20x20.  Jan organized a plan of attack and at the end of the day, after several trips to Goodwill and the dump, I was in a storage unit 1/2 the size.  Everything is in order and beautifully arranged. Again, I highly, highly recommend Jan and would invite you to contact me if I can answer any questions or concerns you may have at"

Jackie Johnston, Broker, Windermere Real Estate

Clothes closet, Storage, and Loft

"Jan has assisted me three different times; the first time was with my loft and
storageroom, the second time  was with my bedroom and closet.   I have nicknamed her “laser beam” because she is so hard working, focused, and efficient.  I am a collector, very private and was quite overwhelmed at first.  Jan has a great ability to quickly assess and multi task to the finish.   I love the results! She was fabulous…and worth every penny!"

​​​Busy Professionals after Extensive Water Leak

​"We had a water pipe break and cause extensive damage to our two bedroom condo.  We were forced to move out for four months to do a complete repair and remodel.  The moving company packed up our entire home and moved it into storage.  We then had to move into a furnished apartment during this very stressful time.  We thankfully had Jan to assist us with the unpacking.  Our goal was to only keep what we used and loved.  She helped us sort through our entire belongings room by room.  This was a very difficult and timely process, but at the same time Jan helped introduce us to a slow cooker and some wonderful recipes so that we had food cooking while we were working.  Her team member shared some time management tips using our iphone.  We benefited very much form their expertise  and now not only enjoy an organized, functioning and lovely home….but home cooked meals to come home to….and fabulous time management skills that save us time, money and are healthy too!  Plus we can finally park our car in our garage!!!  They are lifesavers!  We highly recommend Jan Templeton and her team.  Our lives are so much more peaceful and fun."

Couple with two children...

De-clutter and Rearrange home to accommodate growing family

"Jan helped us de-clutter, rearrange, and transform our house to a warm, comfortable, and efficient home and to accommodate our 18 month old and new born.  We are so pleased with the results and learned a lot in the process of how to organize and maintain order on our own.  We would highly recommend Jan Templeton to anyone… she assisted in organizing and arranging our home to run with much more flow, balance, and ease."